Full Moon in Scorpio- Metamorphosis: Lessons from a Butterfly

As a Scorpio Sun, Pluto in Scorpio and with Scorpio in the 4th house; I’d say I know a bit about transformation and the many deaths and rebirths that can occur in this journey-to-Self, called Life. (my IG name isn’t @butterflytypelife for nothing)

The Scorpio Full Moon of May 18th, 2019 has and will continue to bring up things that we all needed to clear, dream realms may be revealing subconscious things.

Triggers, numbing, seclusion, mental and physical fatigue are on a high, even during this time of great celebration. It’s okay to take some time for you. Go inward and be present. Don’t think you have to be more than you’re able to for anyone right now.

Some signs that you may be having some emotional purging:

  • Lack of excitement for everyday things
  • desire to over indulge in comfort foods
  • having emotional outbursts
  • having emotional withdrawal
  • random feelings of resentment towards responsibilities
  • feeling the intense need for solitude
  • desire to over indulge in sexual activity
  • desire to over indulge in vices (drugs and or alcohol)
  • extreme fatigue even after lots of sleep
  • having “bad” dreams

During this process, Consider the path of the Caterpillar. It goes through the first half of its life slugging along, minding its own business. Until one day, it starts to not feel like itself. It starts to move a little slower than normal- “maybe I’m sick?” it ponders. Then things really start going down hill health wise, so it prepares to transition, “This is the end.” it accepts. Now this Caterpillar has no idea what’s in store in the “after life”, and it doesn’t have any control.

It surrenders.

Accepting life as it knows, to come to an end. A hard shell surrounds it. Forever passes. It’s dark. It’s lonely. This must be the after life it had been waiting for, so it has accepted its fate.

Then one day, a light breaks in from the corner of the “casket” aka cocoon. More light.

Then it’s fully free. Only to no longer be what it once knew itself to be.

It changed.

It has wings.

So a being that once crawled its way through life, has now transformed into a being that can fly! Able to move freely beyond its wildest dreams.

This must be why Butterflies move constantly from one flower, one place, one region to another. It overstands what not having this type of freedom once felt like. It goes on, sharing its beauty with the world, and with that, the most profound example of faith.

A Few Options for Self-Care

  • If you are a parent, reach out to friends and family (WHOM YOU TRUST) to watch your little ones for a night.
  • If you are in a relationship you could benefit from some dates in nature, away from too many people and technology. You could also benefit from giving each other quality time and affirming each other, providing loving critiques for growth and even forgiving each other.
  • If you are single, away from loved ones- remember than you are not alone. Call up someone or go visit someone you love and WHO LOVES YOU, – Don’t spend time with people who trigger you it’s not a good thing right now.
  • Spending time in silence, allow the tears to flow. Slow down, take 10 deep-intentional breaths.
  • Remember that it will be okay in the end.

The Gift

This energy is really calling us to do those final releases in order to live into our best lives, The Creator intended for us. However, we can’t take the baggage of this lifetime with us. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to surrender.

You are loved and you are being guided by your Spirit Guides and strengthened by your Ancestors.

Something that came up for me during the Full Moon:”I finally feel at a place where it doesn’t hurt anymore. This must be what true surrender feels like.

Remember it is only resistance which causes suffering and pain. We want to hold on because we are uncertain that surrender will be a good thing. We are fearful of the unknown. But remember, Nothing Ever Really Dies. What we call death is simply the other side of Life.

There is Only Life.

I love you always,

T. Luna

3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Scorpio- Metamorphosis: Lessons from a Butterfly”

  1. Nice. This is def. my life right now. I have been looking at the correlations between myself and the journey of a Caterpillar transforming into a butterfly…this hits hard!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! So grateful it resonated! We’re definitely in a shared shift. Sending you love and good vibes!

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