T. Luna Imhotep, M. Div


Peace Sistars! My name is T. Luna Imhotep (I go by T. or Luna). I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, Womb Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Doula/Sister Birth Helper,Emotional Healing Facilitator and Theologian (currently studying to be a Natural Health and Wellness Consultant).

​I have a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Agnes Scott College (one of the most prestigious women’s institutions in the world!) and a Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University School of Divinity (one of the leading seminaries with a focus on social justice, reconciliation and peace). It does pay to throw these institutions around in certain arenas (lol), especially in the area of religious and faith-based change. Still, my spirituality embodies more than my formal education.

My Yoni Priestess Attunement , '16

​I am an intuitive, empath, and healer. I have spent my life honing in on these skills, even when I did not have the language to articulate such gifts. I tend to be a pretty private person, but since this is my blog & business, we have vowed to be as transparent as possible, for in our work we aim to facilitate healing, while also continuing our journey as well. 


A Jaquisha of All Trades true Renaissance Soul  

I’m one of those sistas who likes to dabble in many different things! I am passionate about a lot of things in life, but isn’t that the purpose of living?? Here’s a list of a few such things, ’cause if I listed my CV it would take up three whole pages. 

Education + Continued Education


A Life Of Peace Wellness Institute: Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Training and Certification


Indigenous Remedies: Keepers of The Womb Emotional Healing Facilitator Training


Indigenous Remedies: Keepers of The Womb Herbal Therapy for Hormonal Balance Workshop


Sista Midwife Productions, LLC: Black Doula Training 


RaSekhi Arts Temple: Certified Kemetic Reiki Practitioner


M.Y.A. Yoni Steam Institute, LLC: Certifications as Yoni Steam Practitioner, Womb Reiki Practitioner, Womb Detox Massage Therapist and M.Y.A. Womb Yoga Instructor


Wake Forest University School of Divinity: Master of Divinity  


Agnes Scott College: B.A. Religious Studies + French Minor


Riverwood High School: International Studies Magnet