Join Us for Our Upcoming Seasonal Fasts!

Our Fasts Are Not Solely About Food, Rather We Focus On:

How To Best Support You In Healing From ANYTHING BLOCKING YOU From Becoming Your Highest Self.
30 Day Fasts are an opportunity for you to glimpse  the realization of your greatest potential


Spring Fast Theme: Healing the Divine Masculine Starts March 20th Free*

We noticed a need in our community for healing of our masculine counterparts. We are responding to the conversations of toxic masculinity, lack of emotional support, and even the affliction of unhealthy mothering. while we don’t believe in taking this on any longer as our responsibility. We seek to offer a space in communion with our own healing process. one in which men can be free to just- be. Let’s take this journey together toward healing the black body holistically.


Summer Theme: Healing Communication & Financial Blockages Starts June 21stFree*

as a people, We have been on this unstable trajectory of conflicting relationships and financial insecurity. we argue that these are uniquely intertwined, so much that we cannot heal one without the other. Communication, money, and how we communicate about money are two huge blockages that we seek to break in our summer fast! Let 2019 be the last year of any concerns around these subjects.

Fall Theme: How to Heal From External Validation Starts September 23rd Free*

Just as this photo portrays, the beliefs and needs we have about life are embedded in our subconscious beginning with the delicate relationships we have (or not) with our parents. Whether we believe we are safe, empowered, endowed, or limited is taught by our parents. Whether they spoke positivity into our lives and we want to make them proud, or negativity and we want to prove them wrong. It all stems from the same point of experience.We created the need to external validation by those around us. This Fast will focus on reclaiming our power and validate ourselves holistically.


Winter Theme: Creating Healthy Boundaries During The Holidays Starts December 21st $30 Investment

For Some, The Holiday Season Is Filled With Good Food, Family Visits, Presents And Laughs. For Others, Its Filled With Anxiety, Depression, Solitude, Anger And Much More. Did You Know That The Months Between October And January Are The Height Of Suicide Rates/ Attempts? There Is No Coincidence Here. The Holiday Season Can Truly Benefit From Boundaries That We Place On Ourselves And Others In Order To Incorporate Health In All Aspects Of Our Lives.

What's Included ?​

Each Fast Is Centered Upon Principles Of Releasing, Healing And Transforming Into Our Best Selves. We Are Aligning With The Energy Of Each Season To Amplify Our Collective Actions Of Releasing Energy, People, And Ideas That No Longer Serve Us. This Is A Group Fast. We Will Work As A Collective To Encourage And Support Each Other Through This Journey.


We offer a wellness manuel which outlines food and herbal support. also private video tutorials. 


we will meet weekly for live group meetings offering conversational subjects about our themes.


Meditations are recorded and accessible weekly,  ( usually a full and new moon ceremony during the fast)

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