Fruits of Mother Earth: Starseed Natal Chart PDF



Welcome Motherships and EarthBabas! If you’re here, then you likely resonate with the New Earth and Ascended Beings. You also, are likely resonating with the ancient art of Astrology. This Starseed Natal Chart can be used for all ages! Created out of love, It includes space for Earth Parents to fill in their Starseed’s Natal, Chinese Astrological year, and Numerology chart. All in one place! You can download and print on any paper-stock (thick is suggested).

Note: it does not include Houses, but it does include Ascendant(rising) so houses can be determined knowing this. Also, this does not include an astrological reading, but will assist you and your Starseed throughout their lives to inner and overstand their life’s purpose better!

In love, light & bliss,

T. Luna- Fruits of Mother Earth


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