Flowers in Bloom:Ideal Sista!

“I water you, you water me, we grow together”- Tupac Shakur

Flowers in Bloom is created for women who are seeking a safe environment, seeking sistahood, seeking tangible and practical tools and resources for healing.

We’re seeking to grow with 25 women who are ready to choose themselves. Women who are ready to shift their lives for the better. Women who know that it takes a village of like minded and like-spirited women in order to truly impact their lives. 

Our sista-tribe leaves feeling fully empowered with self-love, self-healing and real tools to change their lives and the lives of those they love for generations to come.

In our webinar we offered 3 ways to assist your healing journey:

1. Acknowledgment 
•In order for healing to occur, one must have 
clarity about this imbalance in personal 
relationships and its effect on her/his growth 
2. Self-Check
•Creating and respecting your own 
boundaries is key to maintaining active 
3. Support 
•Joining groups of like-minded and spirited 
individuals is important for accountability

Over our 3-Day Virtual Retreat, we will expand upon these aspects with live guidance from the comfort of your own home!

So, we’re looking for those ready to take this step to help move forward and get real results, with a real community of women actively doing the work. Who do you know?