Sis, I’m Holding Space For You

On this walk it can become easy for us to become judgmental of those who choose a different path. It can become effortless for us to find fault in the tempo of their step. Initially the energy starts in love and concern. But due to our words not being heard, or most times not knowing how to voice how we feel the energy becomes tainted.

We express ourselves through frustration or passive aggressive moments when all the while what we really want to do is say that I love you. That I understand what your going through and I’m here for you. We want to protect those whom we love from experiencing the pain that they don’t see on the horizon. We think that because we see it, it’s our job to warn them. This couldn’t be more farther from the truth.

Lets think about it.

When a baby is learning how to walk do they learn from their parents grabbing a hold of their feet and doing it for them? Or do they learn through repetitive attempts of falling and getting up again. And falling and getting up again. Did they learn because their parents FORCED their will upon them? Or did they learn through the innate drive within them?


Still, just because it’s not the parents role to pull out that greatness does not make their role any less important. The parent is there to move the table with the sharp edge. They are there to make sure the ground is not covered in water. They are there to guide you not control the process of you becoming you.

In my reflection of this I understood that I had been trying to move the feet of those I love.

I had been trying to paint the picture that I see so they could see it to. All the while not realizing that I was interfering with them taking the falls that would make them stronger. Over stepping my boundaries in their life out of misplaced love.

So in my pursuit of “getting my stuff back” I realized somethings that I thought were mine weren’t…And it hit me! I had stolen something that didn’t belong to me. I had tried to hold them to a path that wasn’t their’s. I had tried to make my truths their truths. And I had made a grave error in my role as a lighter of the way.

So I packed it all up, put a stamp on it and a note that said, ” I apologize for what I had unknowingly taken from you. I apologize for attempting to force my path on you. Know that I love you sis. And know that I am always holding space for you.”

Love PUR

About The Author:

We Welcome Another Post Written By Co-Owner PUR Bliss. Poet, Model, Vegan Chef, Boss Lady. She Reflects Often On The Roles Of Divine Feminine And Our Healing Of Self And Masculine Counterparts.

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