Holy Shift!

Welcome to 2019 with a BANG! But that’s not just the fireworks or gunshots( depending on where you’re from). That’s the shift that’s occuring in your life coming up for you to heal.

I’m going to admit, I had to take down another brick today. This brick and I were long time buds. It was like breaking up with your bestie, or losing an animal. You know the brick, the one or 5’1 high set of bricks you’ve been creatively placing as you build your wall. I’ll come back and talk about the wall, but we’re going to focus on today’s set of bricks.

Just as most of us, I’ve been faced with a lot of emotional clearing work that is neccessary for moving forward and living into my purpose. Today, I’ve had to show compassion for my little self. She was feeling really neglected and wanted to be seen and heard. She needed to be comforted because the shift was not very comfortable for her. She wanted to know how was I so certain that everything was going to be okay? I had to be real with her and tell her I didn’t have the answers…

You know, sometimes as adults it’s hard to admit when we don’t know what’s going to happen. What exactly to do. How it’s all going to turn out. For my adult self it’s a bit more comfortable for me to admit that, but one thing about little T. is that she had a whole lot of questions. I felt her fear and I had to empathize with her. She recalled the first time she didn’t feel important. She told me the story of her fears of being left behind, forgotten, replaced. She expressed that her biggest fear was not being useful enough to be loved and wanted. She asked me, what if she really wasn’t valued enough to the people she loved and needed the most- her parents.

Little T. was scared. She didn’t know what and whom she needed to be to guarentee her safety.

wow! so much for anyone to hold on to, noneless a little girl!

the only anwer, explaination and sollice I can give her is, ” I LOVE YOU”

I love you. I will always love you. I have and will always show up for you. Whenever you need me, I’m here. I will never leave you nor forsake you. You were born and have always been whole & perfect. No one can take that away, only elevate it! You were made in the image of your Creator. One with your benevolent mama & daddy. They’ve nurtured you and guided you. Everything you’ve ever done has gotten you where you are. Everything you’ve ever been through has illuminated who you are. The year of 2019 is your year. the year of the YeYe. You are an amazing mama! You are an amazing sistar! You are an amazing daughter! You are an amazing partner!

Wall Breaking Tip #1 The only love you are ever truly desiring is from yourself.

In blessings of light, love, healing and ascension, – T. Luna

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