I’m not sure if it’s a physical representation of our society’s neglect or I am just more aware of them. But I pass car hoarders on a daily basis. I always wonder when I see them.. what pushed them to that point? …Well, first I wonder what their car smells like….๐Ÿคข

I remember the first one I saw. My friends and I had coined her to be ‘ The Chick-fi-la’ lady due to her collection of bags that she kept in her car. All various sizes packed into a very old station wagon. She was an older white lady in the Rich White area of Atlanta. As I joked with my friends about her state of being, I also wondered where was her family? Why was no one looking after her? Why was she alone? 

Over the years I’ve seen Car Hoarders in all shape, sizes, and colors. In fact, I saw my first black guy the other day. That one put me into a very reflective state.

Seeing the masculine reflection of self, riding around in a beat up Camry.

Every aspect of the car portrayed a different part of his story. The bungee cord holding his hood told me that it was taking everything in him to continue living. The Worn down shoes that used to be a vibrant red, told me that he has been searching for who he is, for a longtime. And the blink-less stare that I was met with, told me that all he saw were his demons… all of this made me reflect on the state of my car. 

Sure I get my car cleaned on a weekly basis. To the onlooker my car was clean. It smelled good, but it was full of my baggage.

In the front seat sat my ambitious side holding a timer in one hand, a to-do list in the other, and a planner in her lap. No matter what I’m doing she constantly reminds me what I have left to do. Right behind me sits the reflection that reminds of all the things I could have done. All the opportunities I could have taken advantage of.

All the things I could have if I would have just….most times I leave her at home these days though. Currently working on evicting her as we speak. To the right of her sits my reflection that does her best to protect me. She watches constantly for new threats. Comparing them to memories of the past. Meticulously fixated on not repeating the same mistakes

I’m sure you can imagine how crowded it feels with all of them in the car.

All that baggage that we each holds….but how do you get rid of it? How do you let it go? What do you do with it?

Brick Breaking Tip #3: The simplicity of my answer may shock you. It shocks me still, and I tell myself ritually. (So to complicate it a little for you please insert hand claps between these.)








 ACKNOWLEDGE what the issue is. ACKNOWLEDGE whether or not this is still something that you are battling or something that’s rotting in your life like old cheese(and not the vegan kind).


RECOGNIZE why this situation manifested in your life in the first time. RECOGNIZE the lessons that you were supposed to learn. 
GIVE THANKS for the lesson coming to you. GIVE THANKS for the reminders of past lessons learned.

And after you do all that……(one more time for the back of the church)








‘Cause at the end of the day…what’s waiting for requires for there to be freed up space in order for it to be manifested. You can no longer ride around with your car full of problems and expect to go any farther then where you are.

And yes its scary as shit to let it go…..but whhhooooo….its so worth it.

Talk to you soon




About the author:

This is our first featured post written by co-owner PUR Bliss. Poet, model, vegan chef, Boss Lady. She reflects often on the roles of Divine Feminine and our healing of self and Masculine counterparts.

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