Breaking Through Emotional Blockages to Reach Your Abundace

A Survivor’s Guild

My life’s work has always been, and will continue to be about how to transform victims into survivors and survivors into thrivers. I know that my years of study in the ethereal realm were filled with intellectual discussions and battle training operations! I was one of the keepers of the new souls and a protector of the old. I was chosen by my ancestors to fulfill a mission of shifting the frequencies of the masses. I probably had my doubts or at least a ton of questions. “How will I remember?” “How long will it take?” “That’s all I have? I’d have to experience lifetimes worth of things to awaken so early.” ” you think the human body will be strong enough?”

I knew my mission was upon me, and I had to guarantee the conditions were such, that I would awaken in a timely matter and remember my soul contract. What is a soul contract? Well, I’m glad you asked!

A soul contract is the purpose you chose and were entrusted with by your ancestors, spirit family, soul tribe, etc. You determined the factors of your life. Yes, I said it. You and only you have created the life you live. The sooner we recognize this, the less time we spend being a victim to our circumstances.

Now, knowledge is power. You may have spent years focused on what has been done to you. Wondering why? falling in the depths of trauma, PTSD, Depression, anger, and much more. I say this, because I have done the same. You are not alone. In this moment you have the power to choose how you will be an active, knowledgeable participant in your life, your purpose and your abundance!

How do you know your purpose? Well, I’m glad you asked!

We usually find our purpose withing the unhappiness we feel in everything else that is not our purpose. At least in today’s age. In traditional times, however, they would focus on a person’s purpose as a youth. After her/ his rites of passage:

*a journey of preparing the initiate for adulthood and purpose. by providing life changing tools for living out life in revelation of : past lives, soul contracts, and Divine mission.

Yet, because we have experienced the forced separation from our traditional cultures, we have to remember our purpose in often more difficult ways and later in life. I used to say, I heard the call from God/Source/Spirit, just as most people do. I just chose not to run from it. We all hear the call to return back to Source as a child I believe. If you’ve ever watched babies laugh in their sleep, or play with “imaginary friends”, say things regarding past lives, and much more; then you know exactly of what I speak. It’s often hard for us to remember what we did as children because we live in a realm which creates a veil of forgetfulness.

I visualize this veil as a necessity for humans who came in from a higher frequency into this 3D realm. We had to forget in order to be safe. The beauty of this time that we now live, is that the new earth beings are coming in fully aware and aligned with their purpose and mission. I will speak more of this another time.

So, this journey we take together will be the steps towards your abundance, your purpose and your birthright! I was lead to introducing this, because Spirit revealed that we need a bridge. I am so inspired and motivated by those lead to teach Abundance mindset, wealth affirmations, etc. However, for some this concept is hard to comprehend and truly believe from your Soul’s center for one specific reason: The Wall Of Self-Preservation. 

Now this wall we built, brick by brick was created to protect us. Yet, it actually had two purposes, lets call it a shadow side and a light side. The light side from our perspective is that it has “made us feel safe” from pain of the living out the karmic lessons of our lives. The Shadow side is that this same wall is what keeps us blocked from our healing, our abundance and our Divine purpose! What Spirit wants each seeker to know is that once we break down the wall, our Birthright is waiting on the other side!

Let’s be real, you can talk to me. I’m your sistafriend. I know you don’t wanna take a sledge hammer to this wall off the bat. You know how I know? Because neither did I! I mean come on, that wall might be made of brick but I decorated it so pretty…. we got curtains up, wall paper, lights, jewels, you know those comfy throw blankets and big pillows? Yep, they’re nicely laid upfront. I mean we are comfortable.

So why in the WORLD would you want break down this wall? What that wall gone do you? (in my Louisiana voice) (no, I’m not from Louisiana -_-)

We put in WORK decorating this now, oh-so-purty wall with the things we put value in, instead of valuing our birthright, which stands on the other side.

Needless to say, this wall ain’t gone come down easy. It’s not the Berlin Wall with folks waiting to knock this muuvvvaaa down!!!!…nahhhhh, for most of us it’s more like the Great Wall of China, you can see that thang from Space. So listen, I’m not asking you to knock it down in one quick blow, but I am saying let’s take a few bricks up top: now we can see through. Take a little from the center: you can put your hand through. Finally you have just a few at the bottom: look at that! You can walk through!

I know some of us are like , uuggghhhhh… okayyyy. T. DANG! ( I hear it so often even from myself.)

and that is so entirely okay! I’m here for it. I’m here for you! and I’m so excited!

Ok, well what can I offer you as tools to do the work? I’m going to offer WALL BREAKING TIPS, first featured in Holy Shift! Wall Breaking Tip #1.

sometimes these tips will be assignments. Sometimes they’ll be gentle processing tools. and sometimes I’m gonna tell you to just let shit go and keep it pushing! I promise to be real with you. You must promise to be real with me  Yo damn self!

I love you. You are worth it all.

In Blessings Of Light, Love, Healing And Ascension, – T. Luna

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