A Grounding Experience

I felt off.

Out of alignment, out of sync, weird….whichever you prefer to use…that’s how I felt. Figured it best for me to go sit in nature and meditate, before it got worse. So, in routine, I headed to one of my favorite parks. The plan was to sit in the grass by the lake and clear my head. Anyway, on my way to my usual park, I passed another park. I’d noticed it before but didn’t think anything of it. However, this time was different. This time, I was passing by and felt a strong pull. So, being obedient, I turned myself around.

Headphones on and music playing, I laid in the grass. I shed a few tears and closed my eyes, while putting my hands in the grass. Seconds later, I started to feel a few raindrops. At first, I thought I was going crazy, because the sky was blue when I pulled up. I opened my eyes and looked around. I knew something touched my face, but figuring it was just meant for me, I chose not to freak out. While in the same position, I felt the rain get heavier. I opened my eyes and saw a different sky. It was gray, and there were clouds. 

I sat up and decided to get up after a few seconds. Walking away, something inside me said to stay. So, I sat on the bench. All of a sudden, I felt it. My connection was back, and I was speaking with the trees. Every time I ground, I find a connection with a specific tree. It’s as if they’re assigned to me. She asked me if I wanted a hug, and I felt my heart say yes. She invited me to come closer and sit down. I did. I felt a full blown conversation follow. Of course, to everyone driving by, it looked as if I was just sitting up against a tree in the rain.

The thought made me laugh; but I was there, I was talking, I was watching, and listening. I even found myself venting. 

I was grateful for this reconnection. I was grateful for this chance to ground.

About the author: This is our first post by High. Vibe. Five.! She’s a writer, a mindfulness Practitioner, Respiratory Therapist and mama! For more information about her please check out her Bio here.

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