About the tribe

Meet our Tribe!

One thing we love best here at AYD Holistic is working with other healers, helpers, and light workers. So, this section will change from time-to-time in order to accommodate our growing partnerships. 

T. Luna,M.Div

Founder, Practitioner & Jaquisha of All Trades 

PUR Bliss​

Detox Specialist, Vegan Chef & Resident Unicorn


Nakia, "Katt" Thornton

Women's Herbal Therapist, Doula & Mystic Made Of Honey

Tanya "High.Vibe.Five." Michelle Besay

Mindfulness Specialist, Healer & "Writer of All things Internal"

Anshin Kelly

Psychic, Intuitive Healer & Traditional Midwife

Jasmine Balom
owner of
I Am HealingOne, LLC

Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Counselor

We'd Love To Partner With You!​

If what you feel called to do feels in alignment with what you see here?

Do you desire a platform to grow your gifts and talents holistically?

Believe that we never stop growing and learning?
Then we’d love to partner with you on one of our events, activities or retreats!

Men are welcome!

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