2019 Webinar Schedule

Tools for Practical Spirituality

2019 is a year full of divine gifts! we want to join in the giving as well as receiving, as we host Four FREE 30 minute Webinars Throughout the year!  

Throughout the year, we are offering Multiple opportunities for our tribe to strengthen and grow, collectively and individually. From the life-changing season group fasts, we have created themes focused on further spiritual development!

We have called these Practical tools, simply because we aim to meet individuals at all stages of spiritual lifestyles and healing. we are firm believers in, “the progress of a baby step” so here we offer steps toward the path of self-love, self-discovery, and self- mastery! 

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DATE: February 16, 2019

TIME: 1:00P.M. EST/12:00P.M. CST

SUBJECT: Practical Tools for Understanding and Healing Co-dependent Relationships. 

ILLUMINATING PRINCIPLE:  A Greater since of Understanding one’s Interconnected presence & Energetic Responsibility 

DATE: May 18, 2019

TIME: 1:00P.M. EST/12:00P.M. CST

SUBJECT: practical tools toward financial freedom 

ILLUMINATING PRINCIPLE: Decolonizing financial programming to achieve a healthy relationship with money & access our abundance 

DATE: August 17, 2019

TIME: 1:00P.M. EST/12:00P.M. CST



DATE: November 16, 2019

TIME: 1:00P.M. EST/12:00P.M. CST



Similar to our Seasonal fasts, our webinars are energy based! While it is free* we require registration and your full commitment to your own personal growth and healing! are you ready to take the next step? 

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