Greetings In Peace Family!

Welcome to Asase Ye Duru Holistic Wellness & Womb Wellness. This space offers an Informational Blog, with Inspirational Group Healing Events, hosted by Motivational Healers for the growth of our Transformational Community. We are centered in Indigenous ways of being, by reaching back to the ways and teachings of our ForeMothers, in order to heal the World of today.

Join Us, as we take these steps together! 

Thank You! Medase! Asante! Obrigada! Merci! Gracias! 

We offer Gratitude to ALL whom enter into our virtual Temple. We give thanks for you. -Dua, AYD Holistic 

Who Are We:

Asase Ye Duru Holistic was created from the compassion and vision of two women who looked at their community and felt its need to be nurtured. We set out with the desire to respond to the longing of Soul’s yearning to reconnect with Source, as they awaken from the Veil of Forgetfulness.


Our Mission is to reconnect to our Ancestral & Indigenous roots in order to assist Humanity with aligning to the Shift into a higher state of Reality.


Our Vision is to create Healing opportunities for our Global Tribe, with the intention for each individual to Master their Unique Purpose.


Our Purpose is to guide Humanity with love and compassion towards finding each individual’s higher self, and to complete their mission of Purpose Mastery during their human experience.


Our Tribe is a collective of women, men & youth with a deeper knowing and remembering of the need to reconnect with nature. Our Tribe Member is one who no longer feels sustained by the illusion and is seeking Truth. Those who are family centered and community oriented. Those who are Spiritually Guided and Earthly Grounded. Our Tribe intends to live in Union with Asase Yaa (Mother Earth), through compassion and sustainable living.

Our Tribe is comprised of those who live in the Abundance of the Universe and recognizes that Love is the All, and that Love, is Always worth it.


As a community focused healing organization, we aim to offer events for minimal costs. As we venture into our next goals of AYD Holistic healing tours , we could use as much support as possible! So, feel free to donate today! Large donations are tax deductible.  

A Little About us and What We Envision for the Youth